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Science Friday                        science friday









                              Group Science Friday                                   

                                   Science Friday

Each Friday we do a simple and fun science experiment that directly relates to the unit we are covering. The experiments are done in small groups and each child is able to do the experiment and take home the end product along with a description of the experiment to share at home. Science Fridays are a great way for the students to explore, work together and discover.

Sample experiments: 

The Body

Learning about our esophagus

After we take a bite of food, chew and swallow, where does our food go? Attaching a straw to a cup, we push small lentils down through the straw. The straw is our esophagus and the cup is our stomach.



What kinds of foods do you eat?

We spend a few weeks talking about nutrition. In addition to a unit on the food pyramid we make charts of healthy food and not so healthy foods and encourage the children to think about these choices while eating with their families.


February is Oral Hygiene Month

Tooth brushing

During the month of February we talk about how important it is to brush our teeth. Boiling an egg with a tea bag, we stain the egg and then brush it with a toothbrush and toothpaste.



Weather Wheel to predict the weather

Each day brings us a different weather pattern. Using a paper plate with an arrow in the middle we can point the arrow to predict our next weather pattern. During our weather unit we also keep a weather journal to observe the weather each day. We learn basic weather words and draw a picture.





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