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Natasha and John Burge Friday July 30, 2021
The learning tree preschool has served our family since 2019, when our son Was 2.5 years old. Since that first day We felt completely at ease knowing that our son was in the best of hands. Learning tree preschool is a close knit family network that pays close attention to each child’s individual needs. Our son was in EArly intervention, and Miss. Kelli and Miss Kelly were completely supportive in helping Our son through his speech and fine motor delay. Because of our positive experience we Now have our daughter at the preschool and she is excelling beautifully. Miss. Kelli and Miss. Kelly are extremely supportive and provide exceptional care and attention to our children. They both spend one on one time helping students who may need extra help. The kids come home with so many lovely projects and books that they have created on a weekly basis- the Learning Tree also offers a very structured learning environment - key to a preschool. We are so lucky to have The Learning Tree be a part of our family! -Burge Family
From: West Newbury
Kate O’Leary Thursday July 29, 2021
Our experience at Learning Tree Preschool has been incredible. Our son has shown growth in his confidence, social skills, and academic work. We are thrilled with the diverse and fun curriculum. There are awesome projects sent home and at the end of the school year, there is a journal, among many other pieces of work, that highlight the growth and learning progression. It is obvious how well the teachers know and work within each child’s skill level to help learning occur at all stages. As a parent there is nothing more comforting than to send your child to a safe, engaging, and welcoming environment that fosters all important areas of development. Our younger son will join his brother this fall at Learning Tree, and we could not be happier to have them both there.
From: Newburyport
Jen Dore Wednesday May 8, 2019
I love seeing how happy my daughter is at the Learning Tree Preschool. She is so excited to go to school and be with her friends, and she absolutely adores Miss Kelli and Miss Kelly. When choosing a preschool it was important to us that there was both structured learning and free play. My daughter loves her daily routine, which involves circle time, play, art projects, structured learning and snack/lunch time. The kids do so many fun projects and learning activities – I can’t believe how many art projects my daughter comes home with, and she is so proud of all of them! They also put on several holiday shows and an end of year show, which are so fun for the kids and their families! I cannot express enough gratitude to Miss Kelli and Miss Kelly in helping influence my daughter in such a loving and positive environment. You can really see that attention is given to each child, and I’m certainly grateful that the teachers take one on one time with my daughter to help her develop skills, such as writing letters and numbers, counting, cutting, etc. in preparation for the kindergarten classroom. We also love the weekly newsletters detailing all of the week’s activities and events. I am confident that my daughter is getting the best preschool experience at the Learning Tree, and I’m looking forward to sending my son there next year.
From: Bradford
Beth (Lewandowski) Villani Wednesday May 8, 2019
Three years ago, I started on the journey of visiting area preschools to find the best fit for my daughter. Being an educator myself, I had a mental list of what I was looking for in a preschool -- warm, inviting, and child-centered with a focus on play and social skills. I visited and toured many area preschools --- but something was always missing -- they either felt too busy, too focused on academics, or too business-like. I was starting to worry I wouldn't find the right fit --that is until an old high school friend recommended Learning Tree Preschool to me. The moment I went for my visit and met Kelli Webster, I knew Learning Tree was it! Her warm smile and enthusiasm while meeting me and my daughter, Hannah, I knew this was the place for us. My daughter was a very shy 2.9 year old with a speech and gross motor delay. Under Miss Kelli and "Other Miss Kelly's" (as Hannah calls them) care, my daughter has BLOSSOMED into an outgoing and confident 5 year old who LOVES learning, school, and making new friends. Learning Tree's curriculum is child-centered, engaging, and creative. Each activity is carefully planned so that their little learners get a lot of practice and exposure to all of the necessary and essential pre-writing, pre-literacy, and early mathematical skills. The seasonal projects that they complete are amazing -- and are my absolute favorite! I have kept them all and decorate my house for all of the special holidays! Having Hannah's projects around the house every year brings a smile to my face. Miss Kelli and Miss Kelly also take the time to help the children make "special gifts" -- the ones that will be kept forever and passed on when my children venture out on their own.
From: Merrimac, MA
Alison Kuenlen Wednesday March 13, 2019
I cant say enough about how much we love the Learning Tree. When we were looking for a preschool, it was a daunting task as we wanted a place that was nurturing and warm but we also needed it to be structured enough and up for the challenge of taking on three excitable triplet boys. We visited several preschools in the area but after touring the Learning Tree, we immediately knew it was the right fit. They do so many amazing art and learning projects and the holiday shows they have the kids put on are the absolute best! The Learning Tree has provided a safe, caring and fun environment that has really allowed my boys to thrive. My three are smiling and laughing from the moment they are greeted at drop off to the moment they are brought to the car at pick up. You can really see the time and effort that is spent planning age appropriate lessons and activities. My boys absolutely love their days at school. Additionally, their teachers Ms. Kelli and Ms. Kelly are amazing; they are so welcoming and have such a great presence around the kids and parents alike that I was at ease from the very first day. I always feel like they work with my boys and all of the kids as individuals, that Im well informed (through daily updates and the weekly newsletter) and that they are accessible. This school is so much more than just a preschool, it truly is a family.
From: Haverhill, MA
Audrey Becker Thursday July 27, 2017
I am so happy to share my experience with The Learning Tree Preschool in West Newbury. My twin girls are starting their third year in the fall. They have missed school greatly over the summer, even meeting their teacher for ice cream to hold them over until September. My kids are not unique in this way. The teachers at Learning Tree have created such a loving and homey environment that the children are thrilled to go to school and miss it on off days. The curriculum is very engaging. Surprising elements like yoga, Science Fridays and field trips keep the kids enthusiastic, resulting in a love of learning. Parents have the option of a two or three day program. Some families (including ours) can even opt for all 5 days. The teaching staff will work with you to find the perfect fit for you and your child. Our girls have grown by leaps and bound since beginning school and we have come to see the school as an extension of our family. When I arrived at the Learning Tree with my very tiny two-year olds in tow, I was struck with a sense of familiarity. The school reminded me of the preschool I had attended as I child. My typically shy kids wandered off to explore the colorful and tidy spaces and never looked back. If you are looking for a warm and nurturing environment for your child, consider The Learning Tree Preschool. We are so glad we did!
From: West Newbury
Lauren Tuesday July 25, 2017
Our daughter has attended the Learning Tree Preschool since she was 2.9 years old. We originally chose Learning Tree because it offered exactly what she needed- a fun, safe place to learn and grow from a toddler into a pre-k child. 1.5 years later, this has been one of the best decisions we have made. Our daughter is thriving here and looks forward to school every day. One of the reasons we have found Learning Tree to be such a wonderful place is simply because of the two teachers, Miss Kelli and Ms Kelly. They are not only attentive to each child's needs on an individual basis, but also take such care in connecting with the children in the classroom as a whole. My daughter's communication skills have grown leaps and bounds since starting here. Additionally, they are just the sweetest two teachers around and really make you feel as though you are part of a family when you pick up/ drop off your child each day. We also really love the combination of free play/structured learning that takes place here. As much as we want our daughter to be fully prepared for the kindergarten classroom, we also want her to understand that life is not always a series of planned activities and she will need to tap into her creative side at times. We love that there are year-long projects that the children work on and books that they "learn in" so that we can see how far she has come each year. We also love our weekly newsletter with all of the week's happenings and upcoming events, and the holiday/end of year shows that the children orchestrate. Because our daughter loves Learning Tree and her teachers so much, we will most definitely be sending our two younger children here as well and will continue to share this gem of a school with everyone we know.
From: Merrimac
Sacha Field Saturday September 24, 2016
There is literally not one thing that we don't love about The Learning Tree. Miss Kelli and Miss Kelly are two of the most genuine, warm, and caring teachers I have ever known. The attention that they pay to each child is remarkable. They have made my daughter so comfortable in a situation that was initially quite scary for her...she is now thriving under their tender direction and learning more than we thought possible. This school has an intimate feel, like a family. The patience and commitment to seeing every child succeed makes me feel so happy as a mother and I know that my daughter is in the best possible hands when she's at school! It was unquestionably the right decision to send her to Learning Tree!
From: Amesbury
Jana Saturday August 20, 2016
I love everything about Learning Tree Preschool! The staff is wonderful. They are seasoned educators who clearly love working with children. They are professional yet nurturing, kind and fun. The curriculum is creative and fun. Whether the children are learning a new yoga pose, experimenting for "Science Friday", or baking an apple pie - they always enjoy the lesson. The classroom atmosphere is friendly and open. Parents are always welcome to come and visit during school hours and often do to read to the children, help with special activities, or enjoy one of the many special performances the children put on. There is a weekly newsletter that details the events of the week. It's a great way to learn about what the children did each week as well as to prepare for upcoming activities/lessons. Learning Tree provided the perfect preschool experience for my sons. I highly recommend Learning Tree for anyone in the area looking for a preschool program.
From: Newburyport
Suki Wellen Wednesday January 29, 2014
This September marked the beginning of our third year at Learning Tree Preschool. Our son is in his third year and our daughter started her first year. They truly love it! They both go to school with a smile, excited for a wonderful day, and they both come home with a smile, having had fun learning and playing with friends. When touring preschools a few years back, we instantly felt at home with the Learning Tree. The space is perfect for young minds and creative imaginations. Our children come home with the best craft projects! They are also learning so much in this warm and supportive environment. Our son is already reading on his own! We love the weekly notes detailing what has happened each day. The teachers are so loving and truly exceptional with the children. You can see the love and care they have for the children in their smiles and hugs and how they love to share a funny story or accomplishment. We feel so lucky to be a part of the Learning Tree family . . . and with a recent new addition to our family, we look forward to more years to come!
From: West Newbury
Shiloh Haven Wednesday January 29, 2014
We could not be happier with our decision to send our son to Learning Tree! Last year he attended another preschool and although he "liked" it once he was there, every morning he'd say he rather stay home. Now at Learning Tree he LOVES school days, can't wait to go, and hops right out of the car with a big smile on his face. And every day at pick up he's smiling from ear to ear and tell us what a great day he had. While he was adjusting to this new school each one of the teachers went above and beyond to make him feel special and safe. Everyone took the time to really get to know him so they could make him feel comfortable. After lots of tears the first two days, Miss Kelli followed up with a call to me after drop off to let me know he was ok-which means the world to any mom! But those tears very quickly disappeared and soon he was jumping out of the car to see wonderful teachers and friends! In addition to their obvious love of children the school itself is warm, bright and inviting! And their day to day activities are fantastic! From yoga to artwork, music, and our favorite...science Fridays! Also the shows that they put on are great! The teachers put so much thought and creativity into every thing they do! There is nothing better than to see our son so happy and thriving at school and we look forward to our younger children attending Learning Tree as well!
Shiloh Wednesday January 29, 2014
We could not be happier with our choice to send our son to Learning Tree! It is a special, one of a kind place. The space itself is bright, friendly and inviting! The teachers are truly special! Our son attended another school for his first year of preschool and although he didn't dislike it, he was never really excited to go and was always happy on his days to stay home. Now at Learning Tree he can't wait for school days and wakes up every morning and asks if he gets to school that day! Initially there were lots of tears with the first few drop offs, but each one of the teachers really took the time to make him feel special so he'd feel comfortable and safe. They really make each child feel special. With the first two drop offs being especially difficult, Miss Kelli always followed up with a phone call to let me know he was doing ok. Now he hops right out of the car with a quick kiss! The activities they do at school are exceptional! From those to music, yoga, and science Friday the kids are always learning and having fun. We have also really enjoyed the shows that the kids have put on! You can tell just how much each of the teachers loves what they by how much thought and creativity goes into every day! To see our son genuinely love school so much is priceless! We look forward to our two younger children also going to Learning Tree!
Heather Jones Wednesday January 29, 2014
We have had such a wonderful experience with Learning Tree Preschool. This is our third year with the school and both of our children love it there. The teachers are so kind and treat our children like they are their own. As a result, both of my children have had amazing first experiences in going to school. Whether it's something new they learned during "Science Friday" or a new Yoga move they perform for me when they get home, I know my children are learning and having so much for while doing so. I can't say enough great things about the Learning Tree Preschool and all of their teachers.
From: Amesbury
Sue Goodreau Wednesday January 29, 2014
I sent my daughter to Learning Tree preschool for 2 years and was extremely happy with all aspects of the school. Initially I had signed her up with another program but my gut was telling me something wasn't right, so I decided to check out Learning Tree after another Mom had recommended it. From the moment I entered the school for the first visit it just "felt right". The physical space is open, sunny and welcoming. The staff is wonderful. Miss Kelli, Miss Kelly and Miss Lisa love the kids and truly get to know them and care about them. They were always patient and professional. I was particularly impressed with the teacher: student ratio. Having adopted my daughter at the age of 2 1/2 from China, she was struggling with language issues and I knew communication would be a problem for her, but knowing there would be a 1:4 teacher to student ratio her first year helped me to feel more comfortable. After our first year at Learning Tree in the 2 day program we moved up to East Kingston, NH. Despite a 25 minute drive each way, we decided to keep our daughter at Learning Tree because she loved it and I couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else. It was worth it to keep her there as she had a great year. I highly recommend the school for their warm, personalized and professional program.
From: East Kingston, NH
Kary Moscardini Saturday December 8, 2012
After having an unpleasant experience at a previous preschool, followed by numerous tours searching for a new school, we discovered Learning Tree. From the moment I walked into the building, it just felt right. The space is warm and inviting and gives off a certain lightness and home-like feel. The setting is quaint with a protected, fenced-in outdoor play area. The skilled teachers are all mothers themselves, which is reflected in the loving and caring way they interact with the children. They understand how difficult it can be for a child and parent to be separated for their first school experience; they respectfully consider these feelings and are very accommodating in making the transition into school as stress free as possible for both the child and the parent. As a result, my older son who had separation anxiety to start with, transitioned into Learning Tree immediately and effortlessly. He is presently a second grader in public school, yet he still speaks fondly of the two years he spent at Learning Tree. Now, three years later, my youngest son attends Learning Tree and is having an equally rewarding experience. I feel completely comfortable leaving my sons in the care of this amazing team of teachers. The childrens days are full of wonderful activity: learning letters, writing names, Science Fridays, a variety of lovely art projects, story telling and music, mixed in with time for free play. I really appreciate the drop-off/pick up procedure at Learning Tree as compared to other schools as well. At Learning Tree, you drive right up to the door and a smiling teacher greets your child at your car and walks him or her directly into the school for you. You never even have to get out of the car! This may seem like a trivial feature, but it really was a bonus for me not to have to take my sleeping younger son out of his car seat and into the frigid winter weather to walk my older son in and out of the school. Additionally, I feel like there is good communication between staff and parents at Learning Tree. A weekly newsletter informs you of your childs activities and any important notices, in addition to the daily face time you get with teachers during drop off and pick up. The whole school environment feels very intimate and child-centered. Learning Tree Preschool is truly a gem!
From: Haverhill, MA
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