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Shiloh Wednesday January 29, 2014
We could not be happier with our choice to send our son to Learning Tree! It is a special, one of a kind place. The space itself is bright, friendly and inviting! The teachers are truly special! Our son attended another school for his first year of preschool and although he didn't dislike it, he was never really excited to go and was always happy on his days to stay home. Now at Learning Tree he can't wait for school days and wakes up every morning and asks if he gets to school that day! Initially there were lots of tears with the first few drop offs, but each one of the teachers really took the time to make him feel special so he'd feel comfortable and safe. They really make each child feel special. With the first two drop offs being especially difficult, Miss Kelli always followed up with a phone call to let me know he was doing ok. Now he hops right out of the car with a quick kiss! The activities they do at school are exceptional! From those to music, yoga, and science Friday the kids are always learning and having fun. We have also really enjoyed the shows that the kids have put on! You can tell just how much each of the teachers loves what they by how much thought and creativity goes into every day! To see our son genuinely love school so much is priceless! We look forward to our two younger children also going to Learning Tree!
Heather Jones Wednesday January 29, 2014
We have had such a wonderful experience with Learning Tree Preschool. This is our third year with the school and both of our children love it there. The teachers are so kind and treat our children like they are their own. As a result, both of my children have had amazing first experiences in going to school. Whether it's something new they learned during "Science Friday" or a new Yoga move they perform for me when they get home, I know my children are learning and having so much for while doing so. I can't say enough great things about the Learning Tree Preschool and all of their teachers.
From: Amesbury
Sue Goodreau Wednesday January 29, 2014
I sent my daughter to Learning Tree preschool for 2 years and was extremely happy with all aspects of the school. Initially I had signed her up with another program but my gut was telling me something wasn't right, so I decided to check out Learning Tree after another Mom had recommended it. From the moment I entered the school for the first visit it just "felt right". The physical space is open, sunny and welcoming. The staff is wonderful. Miss Kelli, Miss Kelly and Miss Lisa love the kids and truly get to know them and care about them. They were always patient and professional. I was particularly impressed with the teacher: student ratio. Having adopted my daughter at the age of 2 1/2 from China, she was struggling with language issues and I knew communication would be a problem for her, but knowing there would be a 1:4 teacher to student ratio her first year helped me to feel more comfortable. After our first year at Learning Tree in the 2 day program we moved up to East Kingston, NH. Despite a 25 minute drive each way, we decided to keep our daughter at Learning Tree because she loved it and I couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else. It was worth it to keep her there as she had a great year. I highly recommend the school for their warm, personalized and professional program.
From: East Kingston, NH
Kary Moscardini Saturday December 8, 2012
After having an unpleasant experience at a previous preschool, followed by numerous tours searching for a new school, we discovered Learning Tree. From the moment I walked into the building, it just felt right. The space is warm and inviting and gives off a certain lightness and home-like feel. The setting is quaint with a protected, fenced-in outdoor play area. The skilled teachers are all mothers themselves, which is reflected in the loving and caring way they interact with the children. They understand how difficult it can be for a child and parent to be separated for their first school experience; they respectfully consider these feelings and are very accommodating in making the transition into school as stress free as possible for both the child and the parent. As a result, my older son who had separation anxiety to start with, transitioned into Learning Tree immediately and effortlessly. He is presently a second grader in public school, yet he still speaks fondly of the two years he spent at Learning Tree. Now, three years later, my youngest son attends Learning Tree and is having an equally rewarding experience. I feel completely comfortable leaving my sons in the care of this amazing team of teachers. The children’s’ days are full of wonderful activity: learning letters, writing names, Science Fridays, a variety of lovely art projects, story telling and music, mixed in with time for free play. I really appreciate the drop-off/pick up procedure at Learning Tree as compared to other schools as well. At Learning Tree, you drive right up to the door and a smiling teacher greets your child at your car and walks him or her directly into the school for you. You never even have to get out of the car! This may seem like a trivial feature, but it really was a bonus for me not to have to take my sleeping younger son out of his car seat and into the frigid winter weather to walk my older son in and out of the school. Additionally, I feel like there is good communication between staff and parents at Learning Tree. A weekly newsletter informs you of your child’s activities and any important notices, in addition to the daily face time you get with teachers during drop off and pick up. The whole school environment feels very intimate and child-centered. Learning Tree Preschool is truly a gem!
From: Haverhill, MA
gayle Thursday May 3, 2012
After 30 years of being a professional nanny for many families - I've come full circle, now being "gg" (grandmother:) with two grandchildren of my own to care for:) - I couldn't be more pleased to have my first and now second grandchild attend this school. Miss Kelly, Miss Kelli and Miss Lisa are a treat to see each time we drive all the way up to the door:) My grandson likes to guess who will walk up the stairs with him each day:) Children and parents are welcomed with a smile and a bit of hint of what the morning will bring:) They are all caring and very understanding of both the parents and the childrens feelings, making drop off less anxious for all involved - I've watched each teacher attend to the children at eye level and with attentive listening - thats magic for me:)The colorful artwork and adventures through stories and song is music to my ears:) For me this is a well rounded space for learning and caring - what a great first step into the big world:)
Erin Johnson Tuesday May 1, 2012
Our third child will be entering the Learning Tree in the fall which will begin our fifth year at the Learning Tree. Our experience with our other two children couldn't have been better. Our first had a hard time going to school but the teachers at the Learning Tree couldn't have been more comforting and wonderful helping him with the transition. Our second can't wait for "school days" and loves every minute of school. The teachers are warm and exceptional with the kids. The projects are so cute and appropriate for the age group. There is a focus on getting ready for kindergarten and as a result my son was well prepared. We look forward to three more wonderful years at the Learning Tree!
From: Newburyport, MA
Rebecca Pedersen Tuesday February 7, 2012
Kelli Webster and her staff of dedicated teachers at the Learning Tree provided both of our children with happy, fun-filled preschool years. Attending this quality preschool was such a joy for my children; they still talk about how much they loved it at the Learning Tree. They jumped out of the car every morning with huge smiles on their faces and hopped back in at the end of the day with the same smiles. The staff was so creative and nurturing. We still display the wonderful, wall-worthy artwork and projects our children created at the Learning Tree. To feel loved and safe while learning was a wonderful introduction to education, and both of my children are thriving in elementary school thanks in part to their positive experience at the Learning Tree.
From: West Newbury
Robyn Pappalardo Tuesday January 31, 2012
My daughter LOVES preschool! She would go every day if she could. I was someone who considered never sending my children to school and now I would never keep them away. Her excitement is all I need to see. She is a shy girl and has really come out of her shell with help from her amazing teachers! She has made wonderful friends, as have I, and is learning more than I imagined she would. She has become more confident. the musical shows they put on in front of the family audience has helped her with that. I could go on forever but all in all the Learning Tree has surpassed my expectations and I'll be sad that my daughter's time there is ending but excited that my son will get to experience the school in the Fall :-)
From: Groveland, MA
Sara Golden Thursday January 19, 2012
My son spent his first few years at a large child care center and when we moved to the area, we started him mid-year at learning tree. What a HUGE difference it was - they welcomed him with such warmth and understanding, it made the transition seamless. My son blossomed during his two years at Learning Tree and he was absolutely prepared and excited for kindergarten. I am so grateful for the start they gave him, and I look forward to my daughter starting there in the fall.
From: West Newbury
Cheryl Fuccillo Wednesday January 11, 2012
Every teacher greets the children like it's the first day they've met; with a warm, excited, and friendly "hello". The Learning Tree Preschool offers a balance: they provide a learning environment to stay competitive of what is expected of a preschooler today while maintaining age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, practicing letters, drawing from imagination, singing, story times, and so much more! My second child is at the school. It is a tough decision to send our children off to school at such a young age. The Learning Tree Preschool will leave you comforted in knowing that your children are surrounded by, not only, educators, but parents themselves. They will treat your child like their own.
Kristen Markos Tuesday January 10, 2012
I cannot imagine going through the pre-school years without Learning Tree! My oldest son, who is now in Kindergarten, attended both the two day and three day program. He entered elementary school with excellent social and academic skills which are in great part attributed to the wonderful and knowledgeable staff at Learning Tree. My youngest son currently attends the two day program and is thriving. He is eager to tell me all of the fun activities he does while at school ( one of his favorites being painting works of art at the easel). Our family is grateful to Learning Tree for providing us with such a fun and educational pre-school experience... we can't wait for next year!!
From: Bradford, MA
Heidi Snyder Sunday January 8, 2012
The Learming Tree is a wonderful Pre-school. The teachers are so caring and cheerful. Two of my daughters have attended and I have always been impressed with the crafts and lessons they bring home and share with us. It is comforting to know my kids look forward to going to The Learning Tree each morning. My oldest daughter was well prepared for kindergarten after her experience at The Learning Tree. I look forward to sending our third daughter in the fall.
Helen Bjornson Friday January 6, 2012
I loved Learning Tree, but more importantly, my kids loved Learning Tree. Not only did they get exposed to fun things like, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Solar System, and the Theater (The Holiday Play is not to be missed), they also were exposed to the expected letters, numbers, and socialization. I know that many Preschools do these things, but there is something special about the way they do. Everything is pressure-free, at an individual's appropriate level, and with the care and enthusiasm that I would provide to my own. The teachers cared about the education of my children, but the part I was impressed with the most, it that they truly cared about the well-being of my children and all the children. No tear was ignored. All laughter returned. :)
From: West Newbury
Marie Felzani Wednesday January 4, 2012
My husband and I cannot say enough good things about the Learning Tree Preschool. We enrolled our oldest son in 2009 after some mixed feelings about his other preschool and we are so happy and feel fortunate to have found the Learning Tree! Our son loved it and we made a lot of great family friends through the school that we still keep in touch with. The teachers are amazing and teach the kids everything from science, handwriting and elementary social studies to songs, yoga and painting with different mediims...like match box car wheels and corn! The quality of the work the children do is amazing and is beyond what I have seen from other schools. My daughter was in the 2 day program last year and is currently in the 3 day program. She too has made great friends, loves her teachers and looks forward to going to school to do her "work". Next year we will send our youngest son, but until then he enjoys getting to know the teachers at drop off and pick up for his sister and of course, getting to see the horses next door.
From: Haverhill, MA
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